Tom O’Neill

Name: Tom O'Neill
Title:  Vice-President, Client Services
Tom @ Work

Long before Tom started working at Castle Law, he was a client of the firm for 15+ years (having flipped over 120 homes in the last 13 years). As Vice President of Client Services, Tom is responsible for implementing multiple business and marketing initiatives that benefit our clients, realtor partners, vendors, and attorneys. Tom is also the point person for the rollout and conversion of new locations in the greater Northern Illinois market. Tom has been a lifelong entrepreneur and successfully launched a school supply business in his basement in the early 90s, growing it into a national company before successfully selling it to a Fortune 500 company in 2009. 

Tom @ Play

When not focused on the above, Tom likes to spend his time on the golf course, hiking, cycling, and enjoying any outdoor activity. His six-year-old granddaughter and newborn grandsons bring him a great deal of joy as well. He travels quite often to Wisconsin to “chill” with his daughter and her family (who just added a new son to the fold!). His son lives close by, and Tom visits with him and his daughter-in-law (and also newborn grandson) often. He's always in search of a craft beer or a good old fashioned, as well!

Tom's Favorite Fun Facts!
  • Favorite Food – Lobster tail
  • Favorite Movie –The Big Chill
  • Favorite Music – Van Morrison, Country, Classic Rock, and Vandross!
  • Pineapple on Pizza? Heck to the NO!