Castle Concierge


What is Castle Concierge?


Castle Concierge is a partnership program from Castle Law that is designed for high-volume brokerage teams in the residential real estate space. To qualify for the Castle Concierge program, teams need to have the following number of transactions per realtor in the prior twelve (12) months:

·         An average of eight (8) buying transactions

·         An average of four (4) selling transactions

·         Two (2) selling and four (4) buying transactions

What Are the Team Benefits of Castle Concierge?

We understand the effort that goes into the buying and selling of residential real estate and the huge amount of work that each real estate professional spends on your clients. Whether on the listing side with presentations, market analysis, photography, and staging, or on the buying side with CMA preparation, open houses, multiple showings, and writing up contracts, By the time you get to the closing table, your team has put in countless hours working with clients and showing them the professionals you are.

This Is Where We Come in…

You entrust us with getting your client from “contract to close” and many times we are the last touchpoint your client experiences as part of your team. We do not take that position for granted and realize that the service that we provide is critical to your overall success in the marketplace. We want to exceed all expectations.


As part of Castle Concierge, each team member will be onboarded in the Castle Concierge program and your team will have a dedicated attorney and paralegal. Simply put, you have peace of mind knowing that you will be working with the same internal team for each contract. It's a win-win. You get to know how we work, and we become familiar with how your team works and how you want communications to flow within our partnership.

Onboarding takes about 15 minutes to complete and is conveniently handled via Microsoft Teams on your schedule. Onboarding will cover the following subjects:

·         Your detailed broker info

·         Transaction support information

·         Castle Law key personnel

·         Marketing information

·         Closing information

·         Your professional service partners

·         Your Business Advisory Team

·         2023 buying history

·         2023 selling history


Once onboarded, all realtors are enrolled in our Castle Concierge marketing program to increase your presence in the marketplace and bring excessive value to your clients!

Social Media

Everyone needs it — it gets your name out there and leverages your “boots on the ground” in your market. With Castle Concierge you will receive:

·         “Just Listed” banner ad for your social media platforms including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram

·         “Just Sold” banner ad for your social media platforms

·         “Just Sold” photo prop to use at the title company when closing with your buyer. Photo prop includes:

o   Your name & phone number

o   Team name

o   Castle Law logo

o   Title company logo