Olivia Holtzinger

Name: Olivia Holtzinger
Title:  Paralegal
Olivia @ Work

Olivia joined Castle Law in 2022 and was initially located at our Oak Brook, IL office as part of our Client Support Team. She was eventually promoted to a similar role in our flagship Joliet, IL office. She was a quick study in our Legal Support department and, with a pivot in her academic studies, is now a paralegal in our Real Estate department. Olivia has an innate knowledge of all things social media and has been a driving force of the Castle Law social and digital media. With her quick learning and her ability to grasp all things legal, there's no telling how high she can climb! Castle Law is excited about her future and to have her as part of our team!

Olivia @ Play

Between hiking, taking her puppy to the dog park, or immersing herself in the Chicago cultural scene, Olivia is always on the go! Add in family outings, concerts, and weekend road trips and there's no telling where she'll turn up. However, we do know that when Monday morning comes around, you'll find her in her office in Joliet!

Olivia's Favorite Fun Facts
  • Favorite Food – Pasta w/vodka sauce
  • Favorite Movie – She likes all things Disney movies!
  • Favorite Music – She likes listening to a variety of music. Pop, 80s, and R&B are some of her favorites.
  • Pineapple on Pizza? That's a big NO!