Brianna Rodriguez

Name: Brianna Rodriguez 
Title:  Legal Assistant 
Brianna @ Work 

Brianna's career path has been one that has been built on serving clients. As a newer member of the Castle Law team, she's excited to leverage her experience in serving clients across many different practice areas. She has a genuine, deep-rooted passion for law and is constantly learning about the many different legalities and procedures involved. This habit has certainly served her well as a pre-law student, preparing to take the LSAT.

Brianna @ Play 

Brianna, when not supporting clients and coworkers, loves to spend her free time with her one-year-old son, her partner, and her two cats, Cannoli and Honey. She's a big family girl and likes to spend as much time as possible with her family, as well as her partner's. When not interacting with family and friends, you can find her curled up with a book, her most recent find… A Little Life. In her recent final quarter at DePaul, Brianna was required to volunteer at a not-for-profit organization. She chose to focus her coursework on child abuse and volunteering at shelters. While she encountered many sad and vulnerable stories, she also met the most amazing kids. This experience inspired Brianna to start a new family tradition: selecting two kids from the Angel Tree to sponsor for Christmas. 

Brianna's Favorite Fun Facts!
  • Favorite Food – All flavors Puerto Rican!
  • Favorite Movie – “Weird Science” or the romantic comedy genre
  • Favorite Music – early 2000s and Country
  • Pineapple on Pizza? Hard no.