Castle Law's Real Estate Department:

Castle Law consistently closes over 100 real estate transactions per month.
On an annual basis Castle Law services nearly 2,000 residential and commercial closings ranking in as the Top 5 law firms in the State of Illinois consistently based on Market Track data.   


Having joined Castle Law as a result of the merger of the well known Dystrup, Hoster and Jarot firm in Joliet, Patty has a wide breadth of experience working on probate, corporate and commercial and residential transactions.  As a result of her in depth experience in these other practice areas, Patty assists clients with complex transactions involving clearing title relating to deceased owners, trust issues and commercial transaction involving multi unit buildings and land use and zoning issues.

Work ethic:   

More than anything else, Patty can be described as responsible. When Patty is assigned a task, you can always rely on her. Patty never “forgets” to do something, or left the task unfinished. Because Patty cares for her work, she is extremely focused while in the office

Contributions to Team Castle: 

Patty's attention to detail and ability to work independently and problem solving skills makes her a key part of assisting clients solve complex real estate issues. She once saved a client over $10,000 due to an error in tax prorations prepared by a seller's attorney.

Fun Facts About Patty:

Patty enjoys running in her free time. She ran two ½ marathons and several short distance races.  Her love for running began when she joined her high school track team way back in the late 80's!

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