Denise Orlando-Brandon

Employee Name:  Denise Orlando-Brandon
Employee Title: Paralegal
Denise @ Work

Denise joined Castle Law in February 2022 with a background in law firm management, specifically in the foreclosure department of one of Illinois' largest REO law firms. Denise, with her deep industry knowledge, is a great addition to the Castle Law residential transactions legal team. She gives Castle Law's large investor clients an opportunity to understand how banks and private sellers look to dispose of their vacant, or soon-to-be vacant, assets. Simply put, “She has worked with them all, so she knows how they all think.”

Denise @ Play

Denise enjoys spending time with family, friends, and coworkers and is always up for any activities in the warm weather. Give her an opportunity to see live music, whether at a local festival or on the big stage at one of Chicago's larger venues, and you have one happy person!

Denise's Favorite Fun Facts
  • Favorite Food – Barbeque
  • Favorite Music – Sixteen Candles
  • Favorite Music – Country, but she likes all different genres
  • Pineapple on a Pizza? – NO