Cheryl Jarot

Name: Cheryl Jarot
Title:  Paralegal
Cheryl @ Work

Cheryl joined Castle Law as a result of the merger of Dystrup, Hoster, & Jarot with Castle Law. Cheryl is the paralegal assistant to her husband, and Castle Law co-founder, Edward “Ed” Jarot. She works hand-in-hand with him on daily matters regarding estate planning, corporate law, and tax planning matters. Before joining Dystrup, Hoster, & Jarot, Cheryl was a paralegal at an intellectual property law firm in the Chicago area.

Cheryl @ Play

As mentioned above, Cheryl is married to Co-Founder and Managing Partner Ed Jarot. The pair have been married for 20+ years. Cheryl enjoys dining out, a cold IPA, a great burger, and fine wine. You can often find her and Ed adding numerous stamps to their passports during the calendar year. When not traveling, she enjoys spending time with her family and close friends.

Cheryl's Favorite Fun Facts!
  • Favorite Food – Pizza
  • Favorite Movie – The Sound of Music
  • Favorite Music – Country
  • Pineapple on Pizza? No