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Real Estate

Thousands Of Residential Real Estate Closings Throughout Will County & The Chicagoland Area

Whether you are in the market for a new home or are looking to sell your current residence, you want to be sure that you are prepared for the process once you have found the right match. Buyers, sellers and investors know that unexpected delays result in missed opportunities, and this often proves to be very costly for those involved in the deal.

At Castle Law, our Joliet real estate attorneys are committed to helping your transaction proceed as efficiently as possible. Attorney Theresa Dollinger focus exclusively on real estate matters, and have a thorough understanding of the issues that will need to be resolved as part of your closing.

From Contract To Closing Quickly

When you work with our firm, you can feel confident that we are looking out for you. You will have an experienced attorney on your side throughout the entire process. We know that this is important, and we give your transaction the attention it deserves. We assist with a host of matters connected to residential real estate, including:

  • Buying, selling or leasing of homes
  • Draft, review and negotiate purchase and sale contracts.
  • Contractor disputes
  • Property tax concerns
  • Arrange for home inspection
  • Prepare and review title transfer documents and property deed
  • Coordinate transaction with real estate broker, loan officers, opposing counsel, title company examiners and closers
  • Preparation of post-closing possession agreements and real estate tax agreements
  • Attendance at closing
  • Perform duties as escrow agent for real estate tax related issues

We know that your time is valuable. Due to our vast experience in the industry, we are prepared to handle any challenges that may arise. We know what to do when we encounter an issue of concern, and we will help you get from Contract to Closing Quickly.

Learn More About How Our Firm Can Help You

We are committed to helping you resolve your transaction effectively and efficiently. To put our team to work for you, call us at 815-744-7031 for our Joliet office or contact us by email to schedule an appointment with our lawyers.

Real Estate

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