Linda Jurkovic

Name: Linda Jurkovic
Title:  Reception, Client Support
Linda @ Work

Linda has been with Castle Law since 2022. Prior to joining Castle Las, she worked in the construction manufacturing industry as an accounts payable specialist. Linda is usually the first person a visitor sees when entering our flagship location in Joliet, IL, warmly greeting all visitors with her warm smile and positive, upbeat attitude. She absolutely puts clients at ease with her calming demeanor and quick smile! When not delivering an exceptional client experience, either in person, on the web, or on the phone, she concentrates on improving our customer service processes so that all facets of the client experience are delivered the Castle Law way!

Linda @ Play

Linda enjoys spending time with her partner Sean, watching movies, going to concerts, shooting pool, hanging with family and friends, or getting away for the weekend and exploring all that life has to offer. She and Sean just recently became parents…to a new puppy that has everyone in the office smiling! Linda loves to work in her flower garden, “Hands in the Dirt” is the best therapy for a rough day! In the winter months, she decompresses by creating beautiful flower arrangements, many of which can be seen around the office. Golf is Linda's sport of choice, she loves being outside with friends, the competition, and, of course, hitting the ball really hard!

Linda's Favorite Fun Facts!
  • Favorite Food – Medium-rare steak
  • Favorite Movie – ALL action movies
  • Favorite Music – Any genre, with classic 80s rock never far away!
  • Pineapple on Pizza? NO