In Illinois divorces, it is not uncommon for the courts to award spousal support to one of the parties. This support, sometimes called alimony or maintenance, is often discussed while the parties are considering the division of their marital property.

The laws concerning spousal support in Illinois have changed, and you need to know how this will impact your case. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer will allow you to understand how to approach the issue of support when you are trying to resolve your divorce.

How Spousal Support Is Determined

Courts analyze several different factors to determine the amount and duration of the support to be awarded. They also have formulas that they must use when calculating support payments that will be required from one of the spouses. This means there are several opportunities for you to demonstrate why there should or should not be spousal support in your case.

We know how the courts examine these factors, and we will carefully explain your position to help you increase your chances of either receiving or contesting support. We can also assist you in modifying any support orders, including those concerning child support, that you have received as part of your divorce.

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