The decisions you make both personally and through your business have tax related consequences.

Identifying the potential tax impact early in a transaction can help you make a better-informed decision.  In the context of your business, understanding possible pitfalls early in the timeline of your business transaction dodges tax traps for the company, and can increase its growth and success, assisting in an efficiently run business.

Throughout your business operations it is crucial to have an expert at hand, who can advise you on legal and tax matters on a proactive and continuous basis to ensure you are helping yourself make the right business moves today and tomorrow. 

Clients depend on attorney Edward J. Jarot to support their businesses with the essential knowledge and legal expertise every business-owner needs.

In addition to his law degree (JD), Ed has an advanced law degree (LL.M) in Taxation and is the go-to attorney for all matters relating to Tax Law, Business/Business Succession Planning, and sophisticated Estate Planning /Administration. 


We understand that every family situation is unique and take the time to understand your concerns related to estate planning.

Attorney Edward J. Jarot guides your family through the often-difficult decisions you encounter when developing a plan that meets your personal, financial and tax needs.  We discuss all options available to you, including:

- Drafting a Will and Trust as part of a new estate plan

- Modifying an existing estate plan that you may already have in place

- Planning for second marriages and/or blended families

- Developing a plan that utilizes cutting-edge planning techniques that minimize federal and state inheritance taxes, ensuring the maximum amount of property passes to your intended beneficiaries

- Implement planning that can minimize exposure from judgments, lawsuits or divorce

- Creating a supplemental needs trust to ensure that any loved ones with special needs are provided for in the future

- Discussing the planning options available in the event you are unable to make financial or health care decisions on your own

The incapacity or passing of a loved one imposes emotional and financial burdens on the family.  The process for administering the estate of a should be handled by an attorney familiar with the probate process, as well as all alternatives to probate that might be available.  

- Assistance in administering a Trust or Will

- Minimizing the Estate, Gift, Income and Capital Gains Taxes that may be triggered at death

- Assistance in implementing or defending a Trust or Will Contest

- Assistance in implementing a Guardianship for a Minor or Disabled Adult