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Complex Litigation

Illinois Complex Litigation and Appellate Counsel

Industrial Accidents ▪ Complex Commercial Disputes ▪ Construction Litigation ▪ Catastrophic Injury

Castle Law‘s Joliet office trial attorneys are, first and foremost, experienced litigators with years of courtroom experience. We devote our entire practice to obtaining the results our clients want, quickly and efficiently. All of our lawyers are keen negotiators, but are never shy about going to court when necessary to preserve our clients’ best interests.

Our trial attorneys are dedicated to the aggressive pursuit of the results our clients deserve, and to obtain maximum recovery for both the economic and personal injuries caused by the wrongful actions of others.

We have particular experience dealing with:

  • Industrial Accidents
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injury
  • Construction Litigation and Premises liability

Contact our office by calling our Joliet telephone number at 815-744-7031 to arrange a consultation.

Complex Litigation

Understanding the complexities of difficult multiparty litigation is one of the reasons clients and fellow attorneys turn to our firm. Whether handling an industrial or commercial dispute, or representing a client who has suffered catastrophic injuries, our experienced attorneys can help in determining all the factors that might have caused an accident and all parties who are at fault. Like all human endeavors, preparation is the key to success and our attorneys have a well earned reputation for meticulous preparation, as well as effective courtroom presentation.

Breach of Warranty

Our practice covers much more than commercial disputes and accidents. It encompasses larger corporate matters, involving breach of warranty and other contract matters. Our experience with commercial litigation and thorough understanding of corporate matters augments the effectiveness of our practice and the results we obtain for our clients. We know how to level the playing field when our clients have disputes with large corporations and unreasonable insurance companies.

If you need help with difficult complex litigation, please contact us at Castle Law, for a consultation and case evaluation.

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